Leonard Sexton

Torr Vale Mill – Derbyshire Open Arts festival 2013

Invited by New Mills Arts for the Derbyshire Open Arts festival 25th – 27th May 2013

At Torr Vale Mill, Torr Vale Road, New Mills, SK22 3HS

11am – 5pm

The Moving Force behind Leonard’s exhibit at the Torr Vale Mill, will attempt to manifest other forms of self, through social, economic, and emotional constraints.
Exploring the notion that there are emotional patterns and they have visible manifestations.
Ideas of sound, visualizing a sense of movement and breath.
Where someone is feeling physically and mentally trapped, women and men mumble in and out of focus. The air is thick, imprisoned by thought.
Great longing for action. Inwardly consumed. Instinctively unsettled.
Waiting to get through the day. They find themselves misplaced. Ideas of vision and hallucination.
Invading sensual glowing colour.
The forms emerge in the process of realization, Painting. The brutality of fact.
Leonard says he want the paintings to be an extension of the viewers space.