Leonard Sexton

Burofour's Thirty for Thirty exhibition at The National Theatre 2015

Thirty artists selected are to take part in the ‘Thirty for Thirty’ Art Competition. Each artist has been assigned a scheme Buro Four helped to deliver and are to produce a piece of artwork that responds to that particular project.

A panel of judges, including Art Curator & Dealer, Megan Piper and Editorial Director for Architectural Review & Architects’ Journal, Paul Finch, will award a prize to the artist who best fulfils the requirements of the competition. In addition, the final thirty pieces of artwork submitted will be published in a Thirty for Thirty ArtBook, exhibited at an event at the National Theatre and exhibited at the London headquarters of Buro Four later in the year.

This exciting art competition was launched to not only celebrate Buro Four’s 30th Anniversary, but to also support their ethos towards creativity and their continued support of the Arts over the past 30 years with clients such as RADA, BFI, National Theatre, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Old Vic and many more.

Leonard Sexton has been selected to produce a piece of work that responds to the Buro Four building of The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in Gower St, London WC1E 6ED.

Sexton’s note on painting RADA

Expression in the painting could be explained in terms of duration. In the painting spirited shadows are building a home for the academy.
RADA as the act of an idea, shown in the painting as a sun rise and set.
With the world as stage,drama becomes part of the landscape with the RADA building at centre.
I wanted to paint RADA considering its own craft and history in terms of the present.
Thinking of RADA as a home of dramatic excellence built from the ground up.
Present a shadowed spirit as a symbol of all,to encapsulate a whole experience,
A curtain up and down.Dramatic art as thought finding position.
RADA is presented in the light forming a bridge between the art form and reality.To say how it helps to understand reality.The mystique, a vital part of the process and experience.
Always to some degree under reconstruction.