Leonard Sexton

The Over Familiar - Sexton 2014

Marburae Art Gallery Macclesfield, Cheshire

Exhibition November 2014
6 paintings, from the series ‘The over Familiar’ will be presented at the Marburae Gallery in 2014

Love can’t heal your wondered stare 9“x12” Leonard Sexton 2014

Muted into night air 9×12” Leonard Sexton 2014

Cow house gable 9×12” Leonard Sexton 2014

A dark elderberry place 9×12” Leonard Sexton 2014

Into common clay 9×12” Leonard Sexton 2014

Umber one, birth mark stained to perfection 9×12” Leonard Sexton 2014

Sexton’s Notes:
‘The Over Familiar’ exhibition title refers to some kind of question about how we may, in some ways, be gelling all our visual experience. An overload, where looking anymore may never be enough.The landscape becomes indistinguishable from the city or sea scape, when we are constantly looking beyond, tearing at our perception for new information.The painting is constantly morphing to show you more.The paintings force the viewer to greedily dig deep, while the viewer gets the chance to see over the hill to whats beyond.